The Bizarre Adventure of Atom-Boy and Uncle-Man (Pheng iu Book 2)

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Our Green Ramadhan social media campaign is timely as it aims to remind Malaysians to be cautious about their food consumption and disposal habits and also to reduce one's usage of plastic bags at the As we welcome the month of May and Ramadhan, we are gearing up for a special Green Ramadhan social media campaign. Moving on in the next few months before Ramadhan greets us you will see us running weekly social responsibility activities and events with some local brands and companies.

The first quarter of the year is almost near and over at the EcoKnights office, we are rolling out some awesome sustainable living programs for you and your family. Second edition of our newsletter. Don't forget to subscribe to receive yours. The haze is back! Coupled with the increased surface temperature due to El Nino and the lack of rainfall at the right places, many of us will be tempted to switch on the air-conditioner more often tha A month has passed and has so far seen some interesting stories, be it political, environmental or social.

Thank you for all your support for , and we hope to work closely with you to effectively deliver engaging and inclusive programs that will assist communities, government agencies and also other N October is a special month for us here in EcoKnights! Our monthly news on what we've been doing as a crusader of the environment. The month of fasting is over and thus begins the month of Open Houses!

Happily, July also heralds the season of our favorite local fruits like durian and mangosteen. Half the year is gone, and we hope that you would have thought of something cool and green to embark on with your family and friends. At EcoKnights, we are excited to embark on some really interesting initiatives this year. Press Releases.

The Bizarre Adventure of Atom-Boy and Uncle-Man (Pheng iu Book 2) (English Edition)

The award gives recognition Tanamera Hearts is a trip Many women are working in the sustainability space, but do these women leaders lack a strong support system and community? We speak to two women in the sustainability industry, EcoKnights' President Y This ef Organized by Penang Green Council, the annual carnival will be held at the Setia The research Kuala Lumpur, March 12TH — EcoKnights was recently awarded for their social innovation in the sphere of community development and social impact at the Malaysia Business Awards organized by t April 1, , Kuala Lumpur — Anugerah Hijau merupakan pertandingan peringkat sekolah menengah yang diadakan untuk kali ke Anugerah ini merupakan anjuran badan bukan kerajaan, EcoKnights, dan telah October 4th, , Kuala Lumpur — The 8th The 3-day lineup consists of more than environment-themed films of various g Aveda commits to raising funds to benefit water conservation Last year Aveda global network of beauty professional and corporate employees in more than 30 countries passionately pursued our goal of The K The Langkawi Knights Rahman at the signing of the MOU 14th January — The future of the planet lies in the hands of next generati Media Coverage.

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Sepanjang tahun lepas dilaporkan Malaysia mengimport , tan sampah plastik, Fadly Bakhtiar received an interview from BFM on the IN a world fraught with worr Marine plastics have put our oceans in danger. By , it is estimated the volume of plastic will be greater than that of fish in the sea. Countries in East Asia and the Pacific contribute the mo Over the past year, , tonnes of plastic waste In partnership with the River of Life and the Touch-n-Go E-Wallet, EcoKnights has organised the Green Ramadan Campaign which aims to encourage bazaar visitors to avoid using single-use plastics during Checking the water quality today.

Several factors have contributed to the current erratic weather, most of them brought on by ourselves. Featured in the interview was Fadly Bakhtiar, program director of EcoKnights.

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We fi A recent television interview with our president, Yasmin Rasyid, on the government's recent ban on straws in KL, Labuan an A recent interview on Traxx FM with EcoKnights program director Fadly Bakhtiar on how environmental education empowers youths today through attitudinal and behavioral change.

Tahukah anda dengan trend penggunaan plastik yang meningkat di seluruh dunia tidak lama lagi akan ada lebih banyak sisa plastik di dalam laut berbanding ikan pada tahun Cabaran kini adalah bagai Kutipan sampah dan sisa makanan di sepanjang Sungai Klang di ibu negara mencecah 10 tan setiap bulan. Kos membersih dan melupuskan sampah-sampah ini menelan belanja lebih RM ribu sebulan. Tahun ini, Hari Alam Sekitar jatuh pada 5 Jun. Bagi program tahunan yang disokong pertubuhan bangsa-bangsa bersatu PBB itu bertemakan 'tewaskan pencemaran plastik'. Have you ever stopped and to think, what happens to wastewater after we flush the toilet or take a shower?

Realising the growing p AGE were on Astro Vbuzz as they talked about their films.

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Listen to the full interview now as they shared their love for the traditional lute i Listen to the podcast where he shared his philosophy of living a simple l The latest Budget tabled by our Prime Minister touched on areas like flood mitigation and sustainable development. What are the views of EcoKnights? Millions of televisions, computers and mobile phones are discarded each day by Malaysians and this particular type of trash, categorised as electronic waste, is starting to worry authorities.

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Back in Fadly Bakhtair, program director of EcoKnights, shares the organization's directions and efforts in building Malaysia's future leaders in sustainability. Listen to this podcast as he shares with Tra EcoKnights is known for its innovative programs targeting youths and children. What inspires them to design such programs? And why is it important to invest in youths in terms of environment WHERE in the country is the material recovery plant that receives and sends recyclables for We discussed about the meaning of the global Earth Day ce Bersempena sambutan Earth Hour , EcoKnights dan Publika telah menganjurkan Eco Month bagi mendekatkan masyarakat Malaysia dengan gaya hidup lestari dan mesra alam.

Bermula sejak 18 Mac h In conjunction with the Earth Hour celebration KUANTAN - Majoriti golongan belia negara ini peka dengan isu perlombongan bauksit di Pahang yang mendatang masalah kepada alam sekitar dan sosio-budaya masyarakat setempat. Eksekutif Program EcoKni KUANTAN, March 17 Bernama -- The majority of the youths in the country are aware of the bauxite issue in Pahang which brought repercussions to the environment and local community's socio-cultural The Green Market is back!

To find out more on what's in store, listen to a recent interview with our officer Mok on Traxx FM. The Minister of the Ministry of the Natural Resources and Environment recently announced that he will hold discussions with the Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Higher Education, to introduce En Find out what's in store this year. A recent Astro Awani interview with EcoKnights president on the recent ban on polystyrene and plastic bags in Selangor.

A recent radio interview on food waste, food packaging and the holy month of Ramadhan featuring EK president, Yasmin Rasyid and two other special guests.

A 5km fun run packed with information and tips to help participants in their course towards achieving an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. A social responsibility effort between Sunway Property Recently an interview was conducted live on Traxx FM on the topic of waste separation at source. On April 21 , in conjunction with World Earth Day celebrations, EK organized the second corporate leadership forum on sustainability. Save the reef: Good snorkelling skills will prevent snorkellers from stomping on fragile corals.

A recent radio interview with EcoKnights program director, Fadly Bakhtiar, on the upcoming forum on corporate leadership and sustainability. More information about the forum can be found at Forum yang dianjurkan oleh pert This article looks at conservancy issues in Pahang state Pahang water basin project , preservation of the environment, anti-mining issues as well as the preservation of wildlife and fauna. Unlike the other start-ups that we saw recently, social entrepreneurs leverage the use of entrepreneurial principles What is Urban Farming?

And how does urban farming benefit the environment and your wallet? The interview was conducted by resident radio host, the Green Man or Deejay Participants enjoying one of the activities during the camp. WITH its pristine environs and cool, crisp air, Genting Highlands is the ideal venue for outdoor recreation. Last month, 85 youths partic The interview focused on the recent environmental issues cau About students take part in a two-day retreat held at Genting Awana Resort. About students from single-parent and poor famili One of the highlights of this year's festival is the By September 1 , all households in about 7 states in Malaysia are required to separate their household waste at source.

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Are Malaysians ready for this? Listen to a podcast o a recent inte A vegetable plot springs up near a disused tennis court. A filthy back lane gets turned into a mini playground for the neighbourhood. Yasmin Ras of EcoKnights talks about place-making, the a Semuanya ta Yun, paid a visit yesterday to Johor — on a bicycle.

He and his delegat Traxx FM On April 19th, AVEDA will be working hand in hand with EcoKnights to raise funds and awareness among the participants and public on issues related to water accessibility, pollution and water availab The Frangipani Langkawi, is dubbed as the greenest resort in Malaysia. The eco-friendly resort was formerly known as Langkawi Village Resort. They are situated on a metre stretch of soft sand al Clown fish weaving between the corals at the Blue Lagoon, Port Dickson.

Pameran itu b Glowing with hope: The dark halls of the National Planetarium will be illuminated with candles and lanterns from 8. From 8. Huluran bantuan terutama bagi yang memerlukan sememangnya dapat mencetuskan kegembiraan dan March 20th , Petaling Jaya -- EcoKnights, a local not-for-profit environmental organization, is hosting a forum and panel discussion called "Corporate Leadership - The Battle of the Big Ideas fo EcoKnights is a collective effort with a vision to raise a nation of ecologically conscious Malaysians that embrace and adopt sustainable lifestyles.

Co-founder Yasmin Rasyid, who is also the Presi Dear Prime Minister YAB Datuk Seri Najib Razak,We the undersigned, in the aftermath of the devastating floods that ravaged many states and left in its wake a trail of destruction consisting of lost Internship EcoKnights continuously looks for avenues to assist in building the capacity of communities especially college and university students. Environmental encompasses a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge. Read the internship testimonials from our past interns below. Farah Shuhada 09 July Leonie Schulz 09 July Ainul Mardziyyah 09 July Fadly Bakhtiar.

First thin Rebecca 28 June What plans do you have in store for that? Marcus 28 June Hey you, yes you! Jack Son 28 June My Internship at EcoKnights has been a fruitful 2 months plus Wei Jiet 17 June This was on a Sunday, the day before I started my internship. It caught me off guard. I remember thinking Silke Lueg 17 June Time flies, it has been two months ago that I finished my internship at Ecoknights.


Ain Yezid 17 April Tabitha 09 April I decided to intern with EcoKnights during my summer break for a period of 6 weeks. Although interns Ellaendrea Tan 09 April What is a double degree student majoring in International Business and Global Studies doing at an environmental non-governmental organisation? Well, it all started as a requirement for a university Ler Wei Rong 29 January From a zoologist to an environment activist. This is a truly unforeseen journey. My ambition was to join a marine animal conservatio Marin Mihai David 29 January Before applying I wanted to do something different from my major, Maddy 24 December Time flies so fast in EcoKnights.

In just the blink of an eye, my internship came to an end. It has been quite hectic ever since day 1. I have been involved in many different things and I get so much Alya Razali 24 December It is truly my honour to share with everyone a few valuable moments that I h Yann Chyi 19 November I came into EcoKnights as part of my 3-month internship for my degree course. Ali Zulhazim 19 November Although it was only for two months, my days in EcoKnights were awesome.