All That She Desires - The Complete Series (An Erotic Romance Novel)

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President would be the oh-so-sexy result. The secrets she keeps could do more than just destroy their relationship—they could ruin their lives entirely. But she and Dallas share more than just a mind-blowing, headboard-banging passion. Marin Rush has a predicament: her bedroom inexperience threatens her credibility as a sex therapist. Enter Dr. Donovan West, her supervisor with an easy solution. But a passion this powerful—and sex this kinky—is hard to keep under wraps, and it just might cost Marin and Don their jobs.

Adam has always believed his marriage was rock-solid. That is, until he learns Diana wants to call it quits and take their thriving business with her. For thirty days, they agree, Adam will reconnect with his inner Dom while Diana obeys his every command. Graham, The Hot Dude on the Train who accidentally leaves his phone behind. From the authors of the wildly popular Cocky Bastard , Stuck-Up Suit is sure to seduce any Fifty Shades fan with its wit, drama, and red-hot romance. For years, Andie Lincoln has pined after her friend-turned-starlet, Terrence Knight. Annie is enjoying a resort vacation, her last bit of freedom before she heads off to grad school.

But that one week comes and goes—and Nox and Annie are still, shall we say, coming. So begins their tumultuous relationship, the through-line of all five books in the Infidelity series. On the hunt for a new job? For Days might just convince you to try house-sitting. Her salvation comes in the form of Dominic Blaine, whose house-sitting gig will keep her pockets full—and her underwear around her ankles.

But Dominic is a lot like Christian Grey: rich and aloof, a master of the bedroom haunted by his rough upbringing. True love. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest ladies. Beasts of all natures and descriptions. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men. After Forever Ends by Melodie Ramone. Orphaned by her mother and brushed off by her dad, fifteen-year-old Silvia Cotton had lived a lonely life.

That is, until , when her father moves the family from the Highlands of Scotland to the Midlands of Wales. It is there she is enrolled in Bennington, a private boarding school, meets the charming and rebellious Dickinson twins, Oliver and Alexander, and her regrettable life changes forever. Tough-minded Jessica Trent's sole intention is to free her nitwit brother from the destructive influence of Sebastian Ballister, the notorious Marquess of Dain.

She never expects to desire the arrogant, amoral cad. And when Dain's reciprocal passion places them in a scandalously compromising, and public, position, Jessica is left with no choice but to seek satisfaction. By the king's edict, Alec Kincaid, mightiest of the Scottish lairds, must take an English bride. And Jamie the youngest daughter of Baron Jamison, is his choice. From his first glimpse of the proud and beautiful English lady, Alec felt a burning hunger stir within him.

But with the wedding vows, Jamie pledges her own secret oath: She will never surrender her love to this Highland barbarian. The Duke of Jervaulx was brilliant — and dangerous.

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Considered dissolute, reckless, and extravagant, he was transparently referred to as the "D of J" in scandal sheets. But sometimes the most womanizing rakehell can be irresistible, and even his most causal attentions fascinated the sheltered Maddy Timms. Maddy knows it is her destiny to help him and her only chance to find the true man behind the wicked facade. Genius physics professor Dr.

Jane Darlington desperately wants a baby. Evangeline Jenner stands to become wealthy once her inheritance comes due. Because she must first escape the clutches of her unscrupulous relatives, Evie has approached the rake Viscount St. Vincent with a most outrageous proposition: marriage! But Evie's proposal comes with a condition: no lovemaking after their wedding night.

Sebastian will simply have to work harder at his seductions A former blood slave, the vampire Zsadist still bears the scars from a past filled with suffering and humiliation. Anger is his only companion, and terror is his only passion—until he rescues a beautiful aristocrat from the evil Lessening Society.

Bella is instantly entranced by the seething power Zsadist possesses.

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Bella must help her lover overcome the wounds of his tortured past and find a future with her. And as for Daphne, surely she will attract some worthy suitors now that it seems a duke has declared her desirable. During the summer of , the Metanov family are living a hard life in Leningrad. As the German armies advance, their future looks bleak. For Tatiana, love arrives in the guise of Alexander, who harbours a deadly and extraordinary secret.

A lusty adventurer married to the sea, Captain Brandon Birmingham courts scorn and peril when he abducts the beautiful fugitive Heather Simmons from the tumultuous London dockside. But no power on Earth can compel him to relinquish his exquisite prize. For he is determined to make the sapphire-eyed lovely his woman The year is Meet the Mackenzie family — rich, powerful, dangerous, eccentric. The youngest brother, Ian, known as the Mad Mackenzie, spent most of his young life in an asylum, and everyone agrees he is decidedly odd.

Beth Ackerley, a widow, has recently come into a fortune. She has decided wants to take her money and find peace, to travel, to learn art, to sit back and fondly remember her brief but happy marriage to her late husband. And then Ian Mackenzie decides he wants her.

The novel begins in Monte Carlo where the heroine is swept off her feet by the dashing widower Maxim de Winter and his sudden proposal of marriage. Orphaned and working as a lady's maid, she can barely believe her luck. It is only when they arrive at his massive country estate that she realizes how large a shadow his late wife will cast over their lives — presenting her with a lingering evil that threatens to destroy their marriage from beyond the grave.

As a child, Hester Wyatt escaped slavery, but now the dark-skinned beauty is a member of Michigan's Underground Railroad, offering other runaways a chance at the freedom she has learned to love. When one of her fellow conductors brings her an injured man to hide, Hester doesn't hesitate The man in question is known as the "Black Daniel", a vital member of the North's Underground Railroad network.

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But Hester finds him so rude and arrogant, she questions her vow to hide him. Texas Destiny by Lorraine Heath.

Houston Leigh survived the Civil War though badly scarred both inside and out. But will he survive a dangerous journey along the wild trails of Texas with Miss Amelia Carson, his handsome brother's mail-order bride? Left in debt when her philandering artist husband is murdered by his mistress's own jealous husband, Susanna Dallet must rely on her skills as a painter of miniatures to survive her new position at the court of the devious Cardinal Wolsey.

Luckily, there's a wayward angel and a handsome but easily ruffled court secretary looking out for her. Fossil-hunting rector's daughter Harriet Pomeroy summons the notorious Viscount St. Justin to sleepy Upper Biddleton to hunt the thieves who've been hiding loot in the caves where she works. Love, intrigue and a lot of old bones can't be far behind. Recently divorced Tina Durham is trying and failing to be self-sufficient, until Joanne "Joe Mama" Delario comes to the rescue.

Joe sees something special in Tina and introduces her to things that will change Tina's life. Everyone depends on Lord Richard Vane for advice and assistance. But who does Lord Richard turn to? His valet, a fixer of unparalleled genius After witnessing a mob hit, surgeon Jack Francisco is put into protective custody to keep him safe until he can testify.

A hitman known only as D is blackmailed into killing Jack, but when he tracks him down, his conscience won't allow him to murder an innocent. The pair find in each other an unlikely ally. Set in Victorian London, Nan King, an oyster girl, is captivated by the music hall phenomenon Kitty Butler, a male impersonator extraordinaire treading the boards.

This is a story of their love and Nan's journey of self-discovery. It's first the story of two women in the s, of gray-headed Mrs. Threadgoode telling her life story to Evelyn, who is in the sad slump of middle age. The tale she tells is also of two women — of the irrepressibly daredevilish tomboy Idgie and her friend Ruth, who back in the thirties ran a little place in Whistle Stop, Alabama, a Southern kind of Cafe Wobegon offering good barbecue and good coffee and all kinds of love and laughter, even an occasional murder.

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