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About Samantha Flores. Samantha Flores. Books by Samantha Flores. Trivia About Dangerous Animals No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. No one can find the gland. Do they produce their venom endogenously, or do they get it from eating something from their diet?

Question again. Not sure. And so we studied these three different species. We ground them up. We sequenced them. And then from the sequence, we looked for, what kinds of cocktails do they have in their venom arsenal? And so things that are venomous tend to have a lot of proteins and peptides.

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Things that are poisonous tend to have a lot of alkaloids, like caffeine, nicotine, tetrodotoxin. And so what we found was the species of fireworms that we grounded up in sequence all tend to have things that related to known venom proteins and peptides. We do know that there is a machinery for delivering some venom. And now, it seems like the venom arsenal, or the toxin arsenal that they produce is endogenous.

Because we took it out from sequencing their RNA. Anything else you have to do with that? We just need to do different types of microscopy studies. We also have to confirm by taking out the secretion and finding it using mass spec. We did it just sequencing. Can you inoculate yourself to a venom the way you can to a poison by taking a little bit of it at a time? In glass A, we have a compound and you swallow it. So most venoms can break down in the gut.

And you can sort of inoculate yourself a little bit. Now that we know how to identify a venomous animal from a poisonous one, we thought it would be fun to play a little game on the air called Venomous, Poisonous, or Both? And if you want to play at home, you can check it out on our website at sciencefriday.

Now, we also played this game yesterday on Twitter. If you think of— like your shower pouf, they live in coral reefs. They settle on the bottom on the sand. Rattlesnake means venomous. Also, one of the oldest venoms that we have from these animals. They use sort of this claw that opens up, and it has a movable jaw. And it looks like an open flower, and then it has sensory organs.

When things get near it— snaps shut, injects the venom. Got you. And you guys know this. It starts very small, gets very big. Pufferfish— they produce tetrodotoxin, which is very lethal. And if you eat the pufferfish without dissecting out the organs that have sequestered the TTX, it will kill you. So they get their poisonous toxins from eating different bacteria in the sea.

It can bite into you like a snake, right? It has glands. It produces the toxins.

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But it gets its toxins from eating different toads. But if you hold its neck, it secretes this very cardiotoxic ooze that would send you into— like shock. So it gets you both ways. It can bite you, so bitten. Or if you touch it, it can also cause this poisonous reaction. And he was in as a kid in the pharmacy. You have to go see the movie. Now, I had a newt as a kid. I mean, I think I lost mine when I was five. Now that you mention it— is it venomous, is it poisonous, or both?

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They said it was poisonous. And the answer is? And so newts are actually very interesting.

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Forensic people came in. And they looked into— they were boiling water for coffee, and there was a newt inside of the water. And so what they found out was the TTX. They made their coffee. They all died. And so not a happy camper morning for them, right? So snakes eat newts. Newts build a stronger TTX toxin to try to fend off the snake.

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Snake makes a bigger, stronger venom to try to eat more newts. So newts are actually one of the most lethal things. But if you have any kind of nicks or scratches— which is why I asked if any of your siblings disappeared. If they touched them while they had nicks or scratches in their hands, it would not be such a good thing. All of those guys. OK, a platypus. Maybe you expect me to be bitten. And the real answer is? Your viewers are very smart. It is venomous. So these cute, adorable creatures— they have venom, and they have a spur on the hind leg. But they only use— the venom can be used for defense or predation. These guys use their venom only in sexual reproduction dances, so they have a sex warfare going on.