Blind Leading the Blind (An Erik and Liz Mystery Book 1)

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The tear-down functions primarily as a metaphor, practically screaming and patting itself on the back for its allegorical value. Thinking these two broken souls can heal each other, Farmer prescribes them to hang out together. Their conversations will be one-sided, which then leads Russell into some fairly troublesome, creepy, stalker-like behavior, at least to the audience watching this story unfold.

She has a dream sequence where she dances in a red dress with freeing, vigorous catharsis.

Babcock, Winnifred Eaton

Plus, the lazy screenwriting crutch of narration allows Russell to pontificate about himself and how Bess makes him feel, instead of letting Bess express any insight into her pressing personal plight. Where the narrative and character development flounder, high stylization occasionally kicks in to give the aesthetics extra dimension.

The correlations are sometimes literal and obtuse, where others can be subtle. Fantastical elements are further explored in the slow-motion sequence where Russell lifts her body, levitating her above her bed. Perhaps the biggest problem with this story is that the filmmakers work from the assumption that the audience instantly cares about these characters.

Screenplay: Jennifer Schuur. Camera color, widescreen : Monty Whitebloom. Jonathan Odell, The Healing , , about a slave girl adopted by a grieving plantation mistress and the healer who recognizes the girl's unusual gift; set in the antebellum South and the s. Elaine Neil Orr, A Different Sun , about an American woman, the daughter of a slaveowner, who travels to Africa as a missionary to the Yoruba people in Jay Parini, The Passages of H.

Arthur Pindle, Bayou St.

Andrea Bocelli’s battle with blindness inspires big-screen story

John , about a young slave, on the run after he kills an overseer, and a French aristocrat who has fled to America after he kills a man in a duel, who join up in to make a new life in New Orleans. John Pipkin, Woodsburner , about the young Henry David Thoreau, who accidentally ignited a acre forest fire near Walden Pond in New York Times review. Eugenia Price, Savannah , about a young man who renounces his father's fortune to settle in his mother's birthplace, Savannah, Georgia, during the early nineteenth century; 1 in the Savannah quartet. Eugenia Price, Stranger in Savannah , about three families in Savannah, Georgia, from through the Civil War period; 4 in the Savannah quartet.

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Marilynne Robinson, Gilead , a literary novel about an elderly minister in a small Midwestern town who writes his recollections for his young son, some of which revolve around his grandfather's experiences as an abolitionist pioneer willing to use violence in the service of his ideals. William Safire, Scandalmonger , about a journalist's incendiary attacks on Alexander Hamilton during the Presidential campaign between Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, which lead to controversy over freedom of the press.

Gary Schanbacher, Crossing Purgatory , about a young Indiana farmer who returns from a visit to his planter father, to discover tragedy has struck his family during his absence, and travels west in an effort to escape his grief.

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Christine Schaub, Finding Anna , about Horatio Gates Spafford, an American writer of hymns, and the tragedies that shaped his life after the Chicago fire of ; 1 in the Music of the Heart series. Ellen Clymer Schwab, Promise Bridge , about a white girl living on her aunt's plantation and a runaway slave girl who are stalked by a slave-catcher after they become friends. Eileen Clymer Schwab, Shadow of a Quarter Moon , about a plantation owner's daughter who discovers, to her shock, that her birth mother is a slave. Anya Seton, Dragonwyck , about a young woman who visits her wealthy cousin and his wife in New York in the s, and becomes entranced with both him and his mysterious mansion.

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Shannon, When Winter Comes , about a woman who, as a fifteen-year-old, joined the Donner Party to escape her abusive parents and now, thirteen years later in , must decide whether to reveal her memories of the tragedy. Annette Snyder, Albert's Rain , historical romance about two slaves, one of whom chose escape, the other of whom chose a life of sacrifice to save her people. Sara Taylor, The Shore , interconnected stories about people living in a group of small islands in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay, which moves back and forth from the s, the present day, and the future.

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Jessica Maria Tuccelli, Glow , , about the female descendents from to of a pioneer in Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains who are able to communicate with their ancestors during times of trouble. Rachel Urquhart, The Visionist , about a girl who flees her abusive father to join a Massachusetts Shaker community in Brenda Walker, Poe's Cat , about contemporary Australian lovers whose relationship they are cousins echoes the relationship between Edgar Allan Poe and his cousin Virginia, who was 13 when they married.

Ciji Ware, Midnight on Julia Street , , about a present-day television journalist who goes to New Orleans where she is reluctantly attracted to a man she knew in college, and slips back in time to the late nineteenth century. Ciji Ware, A Light on the Veranda , , about a present-day harpist who returns to her home town of Natchez, Mississippi, and slips back in time to the s; standalone sequel to Midnight on Julia Street. Kent Wascom, The Blood of Heaven , about a preacher's son on the Louisiana frontier who lives by violence and, after meeting Samuel Kemper, becomes involved in Aaron Burr's attempt to carve out an empire in Louisiana and Mexico.

Kent Wascom, Secessia , about the parents of a twelve-year-old boy who disappears from their New Orleans home in as Union General Benjamin "the Beast" Butler clamps down on the rebellious city; sequel to The Blood of Heaven. Kent Wascom, The New Inheritors , about a nature-loving artist and a defiant heiress whose relationship is threatened by the violent heritage of their families in as the U. Katherine Webb, The Legacy , about sisters in present-day England who find out about the tragic history of their family in early nineteenth-century Oklahoma when they go to sort out their grandmother's estate after her death.

Edmund White, Fanny , a novel about the U. Michael C. White, The Garden of Martyrs , about two Irish immigrants wrongly accused of murdering a traveler on the Boston Post Road in White, Soul Catcher , about a runaway slave, the slave catcher who hunts her down, and the relationship that develops between them as they journey back to the master she fled.

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Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad , about a young woman's attempt to escape from slavery via a literal underground railroad. Sherley A. Williams, Dessa Rose , about a slave woman under a death sentence and a sympathetic white woman. Margaret Wrinkle, Wash , about a Tennessee plantation owner who feels conflicted about slavery but whose wealth is based on the slaves he owns, and the slave he rents to neighbors as a stud.

Frank Yerby, The Foxes of Harrow , about a man who arrives in New Orleans in , gambles his way to ownership of a magnificent plantation, and has a child by each of three women: his wife, her sister, and his black mistress. Frank Yerby, The Vixens , about the conflicts between the defeated aristocracy of the South and its liberated former slaves; sequel to The Foxes of Harrow. Frank Yerby, Floodtide , about a man born into poverty in the American South and his ambitious struggle to become a gentleman planter during the decade before the Civil War. Frank Yerby, Fairoaks , about a white slaver with a passion for black women and an African chief who partners with him, selling his own people into slavery in order to indulge his lust for white women.

Frank Yerby, A Darkness at Ingraham's Crest , about a black slave, once a prince in Dahomey, who makes plans to escape and take revenge on those who enslaved him; sequel to The Dahomean. Nancy Zaroulis, The Poe Papers: A Tale of Passion , about a mother and daughter, both beautiful and sexually hungry, and the scholar who comes to their New England mansion in search of love letters written by Edgar Allen Poe in , the year before his death.

Nancy Zaroulis, Call the Darkness Light , about a woman mill-worker in New England and her struggle for independence. Sarah Bryant, The Other Eden , romantic suspense about a young Boston pianist who, after the death of her beloved grandfather, follows the advice given her in a dream and travels to Louisiana where she encounters the mystery of her grandmother's long-ago death and an attractive musician.

Lyndsay Faye, The Gods of Gotham , , about a young New York policeman, disfigured in a fire, who in brings an injured orphan home with him, where she tells him a story about a mass burial; 1 in a planned mystery series. Barbara Hambly, A Free Man of Color , about a Creole physician and music teacher in s New Orleans who decides to investigate the murder of a beautiful octoroon when the authorities are reluctant to do so; 1 in the Benjamin January series.

Barbara Hambly, Fever Season , about a Creole physician who investigates the murder of a slave's lecherous master in order to clear her of suspicion amid an epidemic in New Orleans; 2 in the Benjamin January series. Barbara Hambly, Graveyard Dust , about a Creole physician who discovers he is the target of a voodoo curse when he attempts to clear his sister of a murder charge in New Orleans; 3 in the Benjamin January series. Barbara Hambly, Sold Down the River , about a Creole physician who reluctantly agrees to investigate a case of murder and arson on the plantation of his vicious former owner; 4 in the Benjamin January series.

Barbara Hambly, Wet Grave , about a Creole physician who investigates the murder of the once-beautiful mistress of a corsair in New Orleans; 6 in the Benjamin January series. Barbara Hambly, Days of the Dead , about a Creole physician who travels to Mexico City in to try to free a consumptive fellow musician of the charger of murdering the son of a prominent land owner; 7 in the Benjamin January series.

Ellen Horan, 31 Bond Street , about a young widow accused of murdering a Manhattan dentist in Clyde Linsley, Death of a Mill Girl , about a retired lawyer and military hero who in discovers the body of a beautiful young woman on his farm; 1 in the Josiah Beede mystery series.

Clyde Linsley, Saving Louisa , about a retired lawyer and military hero who in must find a runaway slave woman accused of a murder she did not commit and figure out who the real killer is; 2 in the Josiah Beede mystery series. Clyde Linsley, Die Like A Hero , about a retired lawyer and military hero investigating the death of President William Henry Harrison, who is also asked to investigate the disappearance of the husband of a woman he once loved; 3 in the Josiah Beede mystery series.

Anna Maclean, Louisa and the Missing Heiress , a mystery featuring the young author Louisa May Alcott investigating the untimely death of a wealthy friend; 1 in the Louisa May Alcott mystery series. Anna Maclean, Louisa and the Crystal Gazer , a mystery featuring the young author Louisa May Alcott investigating the murder of a medium during a seance; 3 in the Louisa May Alcott mystery series.

Julie McElwain, A Murder in Time , about an American FBI agent who, while fleeing from an assassin in a British castle, slips back to the year , where she must use her wits alone to track down a vicious killer. Oak, Thoreau on Wolf Hill , a mystery featuring Henry David Thoreau helping his physician friend investigate a murder in Massachusetts which a local man claims is a vampire killing. Oliver Wendell Holmes, and James Russell Lowell confronted with a series of gruesome murders resembling the punishments in Dante's Inferno as they complete the first American translation of the Divine Comedy.

Matthew Pearl, The Poe Shadow , a literary thriller about a young Baltimore lawyer who suspects a police cover-up of the cause of Edgar Allen Poe's death. Howard Bahr, The Year of Jubilo , about a Confederate soldier who returns home after the war to find new conflicts awaiting him. Howard Bahr, The Judas Field , a Civil War veteran returns to a battlefield twenty years after the war to help a friend recover the bodies of her father and brother.

Kevin Baker, Paradise Alley , about riots in New York City against an unfair Civil War military draft which the sons of the wealthy could pay to avoid. Sara Barnard, A Heart on Hold , about a woman who travels north to Illinois to search for her beau after he is reported killed during an attempted escape from a Confederate prison; 1 in the series An Everlasting Heart. Sara Barnard, A Heart Broken , about a woman whose husband is sentenced to hang on an unjust murder charge; 2 in the series An Everlasting Heart.

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Johnny D. Boggs, Camp Ford , about an baseball game between Union prisoners and their Confederate prison guards in Tyler, Texas. James Boyd, Marching On , a romantic novel about a young Southerner in love with a woman above his station during the Civil War years. Rita Mae Brown, High Hearts , about a woman who disguises herself as a boy so she can join her Confederate soldier husband.

James Lee Burke, White Doves at Morning , about a Confederate soldier in Louisiana, morally upright to the verge of insanity, and his conflicts with his superior officers. Frederick J. Chiaventone, Gone to Kingdom , about two young men who join the Missouri Partisan Rangers and become involved in the Lawrence Massacre. Lincoln was First Lady.

Jennifer Chiaverini, The Spymistress , about Elizabeth Van Lew, a Southern woman from a family of slaveowners whose convictions against slavery led her to become a Union spy. Jennifer Chiaverini, Christmas Bells , about a present-day Boston public schoolteacher rehearsing her students in "Christmas Bells" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Longfellow's experience of tragedy in which led him to write the poem. Sanjida Connell, Sugar Island , about an English actress who marries a Georgia man and discovers, on the eve of the Civil War, that he is a slave owner.