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Caroline Gillis Slings and Arrows again is spot on as the mother saddled with an impossible daughter and Lucy Hill as that daughter is a delicious bit of overwrought crumpet. Rebecca Auerbach creates an utterly sympathetic Martha.

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Rachel Jones does a masterful job of tiptoeing through the minefield of playing a nun in the throes of first love; she is utterly charming and very funny. Is Cakewalk perfect? There is so much good humor and heartfelt humanity in this piece that minor flaws become part of its charm.

Sure, Director Fox might have dialed back some of the performances, but there are times when, as Mick Jagger so sagely observed, too much is never enough. I would urge my compatriots who are heading anywhere near the Canadian shores of Lake Huron to seek out this gem. And if you need further encouragement, the smashing Cowbell Brewery and restaurant is on the edge of town.

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Canada was a cakewalk

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Shipping Methods business days Minimum 10 business days. Our Locations. Customer Service. In , Blyth Festival remounted Cakewalk , which features four contestants all eager to win the baking contest on Canada Day as a way of expressing personal needs: Martha, a middle-aged former hippy, is trying to adjust to the materialistic reality of marriage in a small town; Sister Vivien Leigh Cleary finds it a legitimate excuse to move away from the constraints of the nunnery and to dress in lay-women's clothes in order to ascertain whether she wants to change her vocation; Ruby Able, an ignorant bigot who reads the Enquirer and is against jogging, wants to prove that she can win at something in life; Augusta Connors Secord enters her daughter's wedding cake to demonstrate that she is capable of doing something solely for her own benefit, and not for the good of the family.

Cakewalk is set in the basement room of an old inn, which displays typically Canadian icons: quilts, framed photos of Queen Elizabeth and John Diefenbaker, and a candy machine.

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The adjudicator is an archaeologist from the University of Toronto, who assumes that the cakewalk is an equal opportunity even. An archival collection on this subject is available at the L. Profile by Gaetan Charlebois and Anne Nothof. Additional information provided by Ellen Goodman.