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Meet The Dudes. Here we go. How do you typically meet girls? OKCupid was by far the worst experience as it is hard to gauge a person when they have an unlimited amount of time to edit their messages. I did try Tinder for a very brief time, but it was definitely not for me. Do guys confer with their friends on how to reply to texts from women?

Be honest! Phil: Yes. It is a lot easier to reply to a text when it has zero impact on you. I do for sure. Just last week actually, a friend of mine was asking me what he should say via text. We make it a joke to ease into the transition of actually having a substantial conversation about feelings. What are you most nervous about when you go on a first date? But, more specifically, I worry about running out of things to talk about and getting stuck in a date where there are lots of long, awkward pauses.

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I rarely get nervous…ever. What annoys or confuses you most about women when it comes to dating? Female friends of mine have said that the person is probably trying to avoid hurting my feelings because they are not actually interested, which is fine, but it hurts more to just be frozen out because there is still that lingering doubt. That dating phase where people act like their ideal version of themselves and only slowly reveal their quirks. I was once dating a girl and asked her to come over and she made up some lame excuse so I just stopped talking to her, come to find out later that she wanted me to beg and plead to see her.

You need to be physically attracted to someone…otherwise you are just friends if at all. How do you feel about women who are aggressive when it comes to dating? Do you like it or do you prefer to do the chasing? Again, people need to be themselves. And if a woman is naturally aggressive, she should just be that. Going back to a previous answer, it lets me know where I stand.

It also makes it easier to see through games and see if you really make a connection with a girl. Chasing is fun, but it gets old. You never need to chase the ones that deserve to eventually meet Mom. The women who are confident enough to ask you out are, in my experience, also very independent, which is great, but I like to take care of people and there have been clashes in my relationships.

You have what appears to be a great first date and you really seem to hit it off. Many women have said after this happens, a guy will continue to text them, but not necessarily ask for another date. Why do you think this happens? Phil: I think it depends on the time frame. One is that a guy could be playing the field and keeping a girl on the back burner. If you have a good time with a girl but you have to remember that a guy might be talking with a few others.

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Who should make the first move? Does it matter? Well, it can, temporarily, but not for the long-term. Sex is another way of building a connection with someone, but that connection is only strengthened with sex if there is an emotional component to the bond between you and two. But, what creates an intense sexual experience is knowing someone on a deeper level, having a friendship, and loving who they are holistically beyond the physical interaction.

Ha Ha! This is the most Millennial question in the world. It seems so unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but the more and more I saw it being asked on the podcast the more I realize this is important to a lot of people. One of the many traits I love about women is that when you guys love something whether that be a man, a dog, a job or even a purse you want the whole world to know about it. Initially, though, it was so hard for me to understand why you want everything out there because guys are so different.

Our logic goes that if you have an 8-ct. And to me, this is the perfect analogy for how many guys act online. If we have a woman in our life that we care about we could care less whether anyone else knows about it. Robert schooled me on that one. Robert, it is so true what you said about women and social media. I get that you love your man or woman and may want to share it with the world.

But, set some guidelines. Follow the celebrity rule because this is one thing I think celebrities get right.

Often, by the time someone famous has posted about their relationship, they have been in a relationship for a period of time so they are giving each other time to get to know another and see if it can truly work. You know those friends you have that you know every detail about their love life because they share their break-ups, make-ups, and every date they go on — annoying right! Balance is Key! Stop relying on social media to measure your relationship or show everyone that you have someone significant in your life.

10 Best Questions To Ask A Girl You Like - Powerful Conversation Starters to Get Her to Open Up

I have seen some social media nightmares of someone posting about their relationship, then another person, a crazy ex or whoever starting to follow that person and then trying to figure out things about them by stalking their insta-page and the like. Love is a great thing, and it is natural to want to show and share but realize that the real barometer of your relationship is what the two of you share day to day outside of the social media world.

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Talk to your partner about how you feel and come up with what works for you. Often the best relationships are shared between the two people in them, void of the outside world of social media. Again, this is one of those questions that is subjective to the individual. When I do answer this question though, I always say at least a year. I say that because in a calendar year you get to see every literal season and I believe before you marry someone you should see them in as many figurative seasons as possible.

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Type your question. Enter more details. Avatar Box. Should I text a guy if he waited 3 days to give me his number? Anonymous asked on July 9, Guy freaked out about thinking i wanted to be exclusive then got jealous when he saw me talking to another guy..

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Where do i go from here? Why would a guy do this!?

Anonymous asked on July 7, Trying to avoid dating a guy who is of a Don Juan-type: is this headline a red flag? What should i do? Anonymous asked on July 8, If you have to ask? Anonymoustulip asked on July 8, Is he interested or not? BF bought a woman online lingerie from her wishlist.