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Log in. Sign up. Subscribe to this podcast. This story starts with a date a thousand miles in the making. Tune in now. He was at rock bottom. The type of love that has changed the course of this podcast forever. Tune in to hear All About Love. He was little, wise and a complete rascal. One day, he told me he wanted to become a pro hockey player. I replied with a cheap cliche line, something like, 'if you work hard anything can happen'.

He wasn't impressed. He said that I had no idea what that would take. But he did. Tune in to this week's episode to hear what it takes.

This week Mallory Jones takes us on a journey of perseverance that began before she was even born, to today. But acknowledging the issue is half the battle. Raised as a boy that should be seen and not heard, Yahdon did a lot of listening. Yahdon Israel is a writer, college professor and creator of Literaryswag, a cultural movement that intersects literature and fashion to make books cool.

Visit yahdonisrael. Please know this conversation was recorded in the Summer of Lower East Side. Dive Bar. But he never comes over and she leaves without saying a word. And yet, he texts her 2 hours later. How could this be? EP 38 I Had an Abortion. But, why are we so afraid to talk about it? For too long, talking about abortions has been like reversing an oversized truck. Not today.

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Meet Joanna. Who was once called Jonathan. Cole was the good Mormon kid. He went on his Mission to Korea, attended a Mormon college and married a lovely Mormon woman.

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All the while never quite knowing what he truly believed in And then, he and his wife decided to leave the faith, got drunk together for the first time, and decided to date other people. Rex is first generation American Nigerian, currently 23 yrs old, living it up in NYC, and madly in love with a Singaporean girl of Chinese decent.

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Things are complicated. This moment sparked Heloise to write her first play about truth. Better yet, her truth about love. Tune in as we discuss putting yourself on the line But rather, on the other side of the world, a Donor Dad. What would you do if you heard someone shared your same slightly obsessive passion for romantic movies?

And he explained why The Big Sick hit very close to home, shared tips on how to win over a Vietnamese mom, and discussed his journey from hiding to celebrating his asian heritage. Listen to his episode and hear how it all played out. Excited to kick off a brand new season with the inspiring Lisa Marie Basile. She is an editor, writer and poet living in NYC. But in Paris, where a young woman's life is ordered and controlled, a family secret and Camille's quest for love and fame may cost her everything, perhaps even the man she loves. From an eclectic town in Missouri to the stunning backdrop of 19th-century Paris at the height of the Impressionist art movement, Water Lily Dance is a heartbreaking, heart-mending tale of loss, love, and second chances.

An absorbing and inherently riveting read from beginning to end. Imagination is at the heart of this superb novel, imagination that builds, rends, and immortalizes. Muriel offers a story beyond words — exquisitely sad, loving, and healing historical fiction. Water Lily Dance is a highly recommended read.

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Water Lily Dance is more than a mere novel that happens to revolve around an Impressionist artist. It is a wonderfully written.

The lives and secrets of three women, centuries apart, intersect at the artist Claude Monet's garden in this emotional, imaginative portrait of loss, love, and second chances. A heartfelt historical novel by Michelle Muriel about hope, freedom, and the power of a dream. A richly moving reading experience.

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Muriel writes in four such distinct voices I felt like I was in the space with each one. Using historical settings, Michelle takes the reader back in time, crafting characters and resonating themes that stay with you long after the story ends. Essie's Roses is an inspiring story that focuses on the power of love and those childhood friendships that stay in our memory forever. But it also takes a look at history in a unique way, and will remind us all to treasure the precious gift of freedom and the power and hope that comes in doing a dream.

I'm excited to share it with you.

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Growing up in the Deep South during the years leading to the Civil War, two young girls find freedom on a hillside overlooking Westland, an Alabama plantation. After scandal befalls Westland, Evie and Essie, aged nineteen, travel to Richmond, Virginia, to escape their abusive pasts. There, they face the gross indecencies and divisions leading to the War Between the States. The secrets they hold and the pain of the past lead them away from one another and back home again. In their efforts to save each other, will the women of Westland find the true freedom they desire?

New in Fiction On Sale Now! Author Michelle Muriel. Synopsis Obsession. Read an Excerpt. Watch the Book Trailer!