Everyday Law in Biblical Israel: An Introduction

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Jul 31, Westbrook, Raymond. Edited by Bruce Wells.

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Raymond Westbrook. Everyday Law in Biblical Israel:. Nov 13, Everyday Law in Biblical Israel has 9 ratings and 1 review.

An Introduction

An Introduction. Presider: Richard E. Raymond Westbrook Bruce Wells.

Everyday Law In Biblical Israel

Raymond Westbrook,Bruce Wells. Log In; Sign Up; Change photo. About; Raymond Westbrook.

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Louisville, Ky. Westbrook, Raymond.


Property and the family in biblical law by Raymond Westbrook have been added several unpublished studies and a general introduction. Your servant is a reaper working in Hazar-asam. All my companions who were harvesting with me in the heat of the [sun] will testify for me.

They will testify that what I have said is true. You must not remain silent [when your servant is without his garment. The plaintiff believes that he has satisfied his obligations and that his fellow workers will vouch for him; nevertheless, Hoshayahu has taken his cloak for alleged nonpayment.

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As the letter makes clear, the situation is like that of Deuteronomy —15; that is, the dignity and life of the worker depend on having justice done. When C. Lewis ventured into the realm of social morality in Mere Christianity, he was quick to note that he was not a trained economist and could not speak in detail to the complexities of modern economies.

01 Introduction. The Land of the Bible: Location & Land Bridge

Our life-giving activities involve protecting the dignity and wellbeing of our neighbors. Faithfulness to this law is played out in the everyday details of our lives. Translation by James M.

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