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  • Reissued on Vinyl: Isaac Hayes, Stax and the rarified ghetto soul of The 24-Carat Black.
  • Protestantism: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions).
  • Classic.Ghetto.Soul. (CD).

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AUZTN 1 year ago. Power - Fuerza is a sweetly loving and exuberantly joyous album, and its ramshackle amateurism boasts all the best reasons that kids start rock and roll bands. And after all, bands and gangs have always been more than a little alike: both provide a sense of belonging, a way to re-imagine yourself through other people, somewhere you can be yourself by being something bigger than yourself.

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When a year-old Paul McCartney, reeling from the death of his mother, approached John Lennon about joining the latter's skiffle outfit, it's safe to imagine that's what he was after. The rest, as they say, is history. The Ghetto Brothers never became the Beatles, but they made a record that's one of the best stories of its era, one that's finally getting the circulation it always deserved and whose peculiar legacy still rings out forty years after its birth.

Present at that legendary Bronx Boys Club summit was a year-old member of the Black Spades named Kevin Donovan; impressed by the Ghetto Brothers' philosophy of gangland peace he began to re-imagine the possibilities of Bronx street culture, changed his name to Afrika Bambaataa and founded the Universal Zulu Nation. And the rest of that is history too.

We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Skip to content. Sign in Subscribe. Established by decree of Doge Leonardo Loredan on March 29, , the Venice ghetto was one of the first places where people were forcibly segregated and surveilled because of religious difference.

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I traveled to La Serenissima in December to see how the city was gearing up for the anniversary of the establishment of the ghetto. But in the course of my visit, what I became most curious about was the mood of the current Jewish community of people. Venice is such an impossibly beautiful fantasy, it seems astonishing that ordinary people, Jews among them, actually live there.

How, I wondered, did deep-rooted Jewish families feel about their past — and future — in this ancient, vulnerable city? My first answer came inside the humble, rectangular sanctuary of the circa Scuola Canton, one of five synagogues still standing in the ghetto. The synagogues are open to the public only as part of guided tours offered by the Jewish Museum of Venice, and that morning just three of us two other Americans and I had signed up for the tour in English.

We were standing with our guide, Silvia Crepaldi, admiring the golden spiraling tree-trunk columns that support the arch over the bimah podium , when the subject of rising sea levels came up.

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Crepaldi said ruefully. The urban exodus of both Jews and gentiles has been going on for some time, though the pace has accelerated in recent years.

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When the ghetto was at its height in the 17th century, 5, Jews from Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the Ottoman Empire carved out tiny, distinct fiefs, each maintaining its own synagogue, all of them crammed into an acre and a quarter of alleys and courtyards. Confinement was a burden, but it also provided an opportunity for cultural exchange unparalleled in the diaspora.

Jewish merchants and bankers were vital to the flow of these commodities, but as Venice declined, the Jewish presence dwindled. The answer to my question was revealed inside one of these: the sumptuous Scuola Grande Spagnola Great Spanish Synagogue , possibly the work of Baldassare Longhena, the renowned 17th-century architect of Santa Maria della Salute.

Ghetto Soul

Crepaldi pointed to the brass plaques affixed to the pews. Riccardo Calimani, the esteemed historian of Italian Jewry and the author of a book about the Venetian ghetto , had given me very precise directions to his home off the Strada Nuova a rare rectilinear thoroughfare stocked with shops catering more to residents than tourists. What Mr.

Calimani had neglected to say in his email is that he lives in a palace: a light-bedazzled, soaring-ceilinged, art- and book-lined Renaissance suite overlooking the Grand Canal. As he ushered me into his princely study, the ample, urbane Mr. Calimani struck me as a kind of latter-day Jewish doge. My grandfather was the cantor in the Scuola Levantina, even though our roots are not Levantine but Italian and German. I knew, from reading Mr. With tantalizing fragrances wafting out of the hidden kitchen and the velvety light of winter burnishing thousands of leather spines, I could practically taste the history that had made this room possible.

As soon as the ghetto was abolished in , Jews with means fled the high-rise tenements — the tallest buildings with the lowest-ceilinged apartments in Venice — for more elegant, and spacious, parts of the city.