Laminar Composites

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ICLC 2020: 14. International Conference on Laminar Composites

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Cui, H. Zhang, H. Li: J. Barthelat, C. Li, C. Comi, H. Espinosa: J. Evans, Z. Suo, R.

Laminar Composites

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Viani, J. Thompson, N. Frederick, J. Kindt, A. Belcher, G. Stucky, D. Morse, P. Hansma: Nature Vol. Katti, D.

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Katti, S. Pradhan, A. Bhosle: J.

Watabe: J. Bruet, H. Qi, M. Boyce, R. Panas, K. Tai, L. Frick, C. Weight saving, fuel economy, and other performance benefits may fuel the growth of laminar composites and emerging applications in the automotive market, which are expected to drive the market during the forecast period. The automotive industry was primarily expected to drive the growth in the global laminar composites market in Depleting oil resources led to increased oil prices globally, thereby, boosting the demand for lightweight and fuel efficient vehicles in the global market.

The increasing demand for such vehicles globally, encourages the application of composite materials in the industry, which is expected to drive the demand for laminar composites, over the forecast period. The construction is one of the major end-user industries regarding laminar composite materials consumption.

These composites are used for repairing existing structures. The demand for composites in construction sector increased nowadays, owing to their properties such as reduced weight, improved aesthetics, enhanced environmental resistance, design flexibility, and increased stiffness have been consistently growing. Moreover, many new small civil structures, for example pedestrian bridges, rooftops, etc.