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By February 15, the Treasury Department had begun discussing whether it may be necessary to withdraw the new coins from circulation, but a decision was not immediately reached.

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Many within the government, including Secretary of the Treasury Charles Folger , felt it was unnecessary to alter the design. In the meantime, the plating continued. Loudon Snowden , Director of the Philadelphia Mint , began fighting the change.

After a few more weeks of deliberation, new reverse dies were begun by March It was a widespread issue, leading to arrests all across the country by early April of , including California , St. Louis , Louisiana , Nashville , and Boston.

Nickel Alloy Sheets, Plates, Bars and Tubes

Very few names were released in connection with the plated nickels. The most publicized individual was William C.

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Woodward , an alleged accomplice of the pair from St. Louis, who ran from police when initially found. No record naming Josh Tatum in has been found. In fact, the original discovery of the gold-plated nickels was in Washington, DC.

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Many sources state that the first mention of Josh Tatum by name was in a book titled Counterfeiting in America by Lynn Glaser. A few sources note a article in the Independent Press-Telegram of Long Beach , California, that tells his story, but neither of these is the first reference. She included details such as how much he earned from the scheme, how he went about spending them, and that he was a deaf mute.

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However, is still a far call from They are quite ready to devote to God the things they do not care much for—but the things that are desirable for their own use, they keep. The gold and silver and the banknotes they keep for themselves; while they put the nickels and the pennies in the collection plate!

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It is shown, too, in the way they treat their own vices and lusts. Those that they do not particularly love—they crush out with amazing zeal. Everyday Offer.

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