Nursing Knowledge: Science, Practice, and Philosophy

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Conclusion: the relevance gap appears. Two conceptions of nursing science.

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The demise of practice theory. The argument from value freedom. The argument from theory structure. The consensus emerges. Donaldson and Crowley on the discipline. Fawcett on the levels of theory. The relevance gap. The qualitative research movement. The middle-range theory movement. Conclusion: the relevance gap endures.

Nursing Knowledge and Theory Innovation, Second Edition

Philosophical questions about nursing. Questions about the discipline. Questions of philosophy. Science, value, and the nursing standpoint. Qualitative research and value-freedom. Standpoint epistemology. Theory, science, and nursing knowledge. The received view of theory. Explanatory coherence and inter-level models. Consequences for nursing knowledge. Conclusion: closing the gap. Introduction to Part II. Values and theory testing. Fact and value. Intrinsic and instrumental values. Problems with patterns. The disintegration of nursing knowledge.

The obfuscation of evaluative commitments. The role of theory in ethical knowledge.

Nursing Knowledge

Sociopolitical knowing. Conclusion: fact and value in nursing knowledge. The Johnson model: nursing values as guides for theory. Constitutive and contextual values. Models of value-laden inquiry. Value-laden concepts in nursing inquiry. Conclusion: constitutive moral and political values in nursing inquiry. Social role and epistemic privilege.

Feminist appropriation of standpoint epistemology. Generalizing standpoints. Knowledge and the division of labor in health care. Nursing knowledge and nursing roles. Conclusion: nursing knowledge as an epistemic standpoint.

Top-down and bottom-up views of nursing. Values in the nursing standpoint. The philosophical questions revisited. Questions and concerns. What is the nursing role?

How are the boundaries of the profession determined? Qualitative or quantitative? Is nursing an applied science? Conclusion: science and standpoint.

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Introduction to Part III. Some history and terminology. Logical positivism. Conceptions of theory in nursing. Theories and axiom systems.

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Euclid and Newton. Challenges to an axiomatic treatment of theory. Implicit definition. Theory structure: the received view. Theoretical and experimental laws. The hierarchy of theory. Explanation and confirmation. Theory testing.

Fundamentals of nursing practice, History, Concepts & Theories Part 1

Conclusion: logical positivism and scientific knowledge. Did logical positivism influence nursing? Three kinds of influence.

Positivism and the critique of nursing metatheory. The metaparadigm of nursing.