Speak Up! Speak Out! A Mothers Cry Against Violence, THE BOOK

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Tiffanny Goodman. A Mother's Cry Against Violence, THE BOOK," is based on the true story of one woman's fight against a justice system that seems to be biased; and a struggle against a community of citizens whose hearts seems to be cold in the face of death. Tiffanny Goodman's son, Ste'von Martel Goodman was murdered in broad daylight two days after his eighteenth birthday.

Police determined through investigation that it was a case of mistaken identity. Although Ste'von's murder was captured by surveillance cameras, no one has been arrested. The wicked, dominant, "no-snitch" code has many individuals in the community bound to silence, refusing to contact the police regarding Ste'von's murder; including a well-known local Pastor. How could I not use this platform to tell the rest of the world what they are doing to us? How could I not write about the gender based violence we live amongst every day?

Nobody married you, right? I warned you. But that perpetrators would be spared from their actions due to how much economic or social power they possess makes it twice as infuriating. I reached for the conference app yes, thank goodness for technology and requested a meeting, to which she agreed enthusiastically.

I could not believe it. Like, Mom, are you still alive? She, too, is overjoyed, and he can hear the emotion in her voice. She just said, like, Ferkat, is that you? Is that you? Like, is that really you? Mom, how are you? How are you doing? And then she said. Because she said, son, I have been well taken care of. I went to a really good school.

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Everything is like brand new. And I learned Mandarin Chinese, our national language, our country mother language. And I learned some Chinese laws as well. Like, I was well taken care of. But those things I heard on the media by the Chinese government many, many times. And what it is, is that she was basically repeating, in an almost dogmatic way, the propaganda lines of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government. So you cannot do anything against our country. So that moment, I was like O. So I thought, O. We hang up after half an hour.

I told them the great news that I finally got my mom released from the camp. So they all hugged me. It was one of the happiest moments in my life, like one of those times when my daughter was born I was at the hospital.

‘I lost part of my soul’: the mothers who lost their children to gun violence

And then this time was like unexpected happiness. And a few days go by and he told me, he was very, very happy and glad and trying to figure out kind of what the next step is. But then he finds out that his mother has actually been sent back to a camp. So I felt like somebody brought me really high to the sky and then just pushed me. He finds it out from his grandmother, who his mother had actually gone to stay with.

So he finds out that she was just released very briefly to talk to him and tell him and act as if she had been released.

Stage play "Speak Up! Speak Out! A Mother's Cry Against Violence"

I kind of just became a mad dog at the time. I felt like I was played by the Chinese government with the help of my mom. This was all just an elaborate ploy to sort of try to basically affect the coverage, our coverage, and other media coverage, and show that they are releasing people. If you stepped up your game on the next level, O. So that phone call between Ferkat and his mother appeared to have been this brief moment when the Chinese government is aware that there is a lot of international attention on this case.

And so they may have let her out. But it was very brief, essentially just to make that call, a call that sounded like it was guided by the Chinese government. And later, he finds out that there were actually six police officers in the room with her. So the idea that she could say anything at all reflective of what she actually felt is just nonexistent.

So then a few weeks go by, and again, all of a sudden, his mother starts contacting him over a messaging app popular in China called WeChat. And then they know who she is speaking to. So basically, she was released from the camp to the open air prison that everyone says she talks to on the phone, is monitored, and then tracked by the Chinese government.

And then every location she goes to, like every place that she goes to, she had to tell some local officials first that she was going to some place and how long she was going to stay. And perhaps just as important, her medical situation seems to have gotten a lot worse. So she had heart problems, high blood pressure, which had all kinds of different complications that affected her health.

And so he, at some point, gets on a video call with her. She was laying down on the bed. She looked like really sick. And then my mom was talking really softly, like really weak. It felt like she was on her death bed. And then she was crying, and I was also crying, too.

So she said that, like, son, I have been fighting to get united with you guys in the U.

Beyond the Silence, Beyond the Violence – DoR (Decât o Revistă)

But if I am gone, take care of your sisters, father, brother and your family. You are the oldest, and then you have to become, like, father for them, for everyone. How much medical attention? But eventually, she goes to a better doctor.

Beyond the Silence, Beyond the Violence

And he says she needs a surgery, a heart bypass surgery. Is that correct? And then my aunt go like, they are all kind of keeping some distance from my mom.

Is that right? Yeah, so at some point, he gets a message on WeChat. And so he ignores it. And then also, he helped my mom to have a cell phone and then also that she was able to go to the doctor and get treatment and medicines. And does he say who he works for or what his position is in any formal capacity?

So I asked him, like, O. What do you work for? So give me some information. I know in the beginning, he said that he wants to become my close friend, really close personal friend that we can help each other out.