Succeeding in High School: A Handbook for Teens and Parents plus A College Admissions Primer

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Innovative academic and school-to-work programs, including but not limited to the techniques of work-based learning and technology delivered learning, can be utilized where appropriate. Students currently enrolled in grades 6 through 12 who meet criteria established by the Regional Office of Education in conjunction with that of the local school superintendent such as:. Muchos estudiantes tienen afecciones o trastornos que no son evidentes para otros. Las actividades principales de la vida incluyen, entre otras: cuidado personal, tareas manuales, caminar, ver, hablar, sentarse, pensar, aprender, respirar, concentrarse, interactuar con otros y trabajar.

Programacion Alternativa. Community Unit School District tiene varias oportunidades de aprendizaje alternativas que incluyen:. Oak Ridge sirve a estudiantes del Distrito en los grados con una amplia variedad de necesidades y servicios. Enlace de la escuela charter.

D Programa de universidades de padres y enlace de red. Jueves 10 de octubre de Crisis de opioides: de 7 p.

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A p. Lunes 13 de abril de Tutela - 6 p. Lunes 18 de mayo de Conciencia de salud mental - 6 p. Serie de videos de servicios educativos. Servicios de salud. Los estudiantes que sean elegibles para McKinney Vento tienen derecho a:. Jurado de pares. Algunos de los servicios que brindan los consejeros escolares son:.

En las escuelas intermedias y secundarias, los consejeros escolares sirven como coordinadores y administran todos los planes Si cree que es una emergencia, llame al Recursos escolares - Edificios elementales. Edificios de escuelas intermedias y secundarias. El programa consta de:. Esto opera desde Jacobs HS. Los nuevos participantes son bienvenidos.

Skip to Main Content. District Home. Sign In. Search Our Site. Education Services Guiding Principles: Students will be best prepared to achieve their greatest potential if equipped to: Engage in relevant and rigorous learning Live and work productively with others Embrace their role and responsibility within their community and world Value and respect self and others in a diverse society Become life ready We will best serve our students if our: Schools, families and community are actively engaged Staff is highly skilled and motivated Culture is characterized by high expectations and excellence; and Schools are safe and caring places where all are valued.

Alternative Programming Community Unit School District has several alternate learning opportunities which include: iLearn The program is offered at all three high schools and is designed to provide a self-paced, computer based curricula aligned to District standards that allow students to earn credit recovery for on-track graduation or accelerate graduation.

Charter School Liaison Education Services provides liaison services to the charter school and their families. Arabic Click here to view the Procedural Safeguards.

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    If a school sends your child to a school other than the one you requested, the school must provide you with a written explanation and offer you the right to appeal the decision. Attend a school and participate in school programs with children who are not McKinney Vento. Children cannot be separated from the regular school program because they are McKinney Vento. Sign up for an Hour of Code on December During the regular school year, stay up-to-date on all the school news and announcements, read. If a student is absent and unexcused i.

    If we are unable to contact parents, we will call the emergency contacts on file for the student. If your child is sick, please ensure that you leave details in your email or phone message regarding your child's symptoms: fever? The school nurse will follow up if necessary. See also Bear Creek Health Policies. If you know in advance that your student will be absent from school, please complete the appropriate form.

    Instructions and signatures needed are found on each form. These forms are not required for routine events like orthodontist appointments. Beginning October 1, grade 8 families may sign up for an individual advising appointment with Emily Schuldt, Dean of Academic Advising. She will help your child map out his or her high school academics.

    Bear Creek's AP Program gives students the opportunity to rise to college-level challenges in high school, enables them to potentially receive both high school and college credit, and prepares them to enter higher education well-prepared for its demands.

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    College applicants who have taken AP courses in high school are often viewed more favorably by college admissions staff and traditionally have outperformed non-AP college students academically. According to their performance on the exam, students may be awarded credit or advanced standing from the colleges that they attend. Students are encouraged to evaluate the credit policy for each college or university of interest. Credit policies vary from college to college. Upper School Course Catalog. Advanced Placement classes are designed to mirror courses offered on college campuses.

    They are more challenging and require personal discipline and independent study techniques. Students will experience an increased reading load and longer writing assignments in most AP classes. AP courses attract students who are academically motivated, personally invested, and diligent. AP courses culminate each May with a national examination in each subject area.

    Students may earn college credit based on their exam score typically with a 3 or higher. Students who choose to enroll in AP classes typically bring a well-developed skill set in the following areas: ability to analyze content, draw comparisons, and effectively reason through problems.

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    They must be able to read perceptively and independently. Additionally, students need to be proficient in writing concise and clear essays. Students must have a minimum of a B in prior academic department coursework to qualify for AP course enrollment. Given the high commitment level and increased demand, course selection should be considered carefully.

    All students in grades 11 and 12 who meet qualifications should consider at least one AP course each year. Many students carry two AP courses. Students rarely take three AP courses in a single year. Due to the advanced level of course content and necessary prerequisite skills for success, all AP course selection require approval, and students must petition to enroll in more than two AP courses.

    In exceptional circumstances, students may take an AP class not typically offered in their grade; submit this petition to enroll in an AP course out of sequence. Petition for Non-Standard Course Progression. While there is no additional charge to take one or more AP classes, The College Board charges an exam fee. Students who succeed in AP courses generally do well in college as a result of the exposure to collegiate teaching and testing methodology, and increased academic preparation.

    All AP courses are noted on the official Bear Creek transcript. The Bear Creek School and Northwest University have partnered to offer concurrent college credit in the following courses. As an accredited university, Northwest University college credit is often transferrable to your college of choice and may be a good and economical way to jump start your college career.

    In the fall, this list of courses is reviewed and updated. Applications must be submitted by the deadline; Northwest University does not accept late applications.

    Students must be enrolled in the appropriate Bear Creek course s during this school year in order to receive credit. A representative from NU will answer questions about the program on Tuesday, September 17, a. Application Deadline: Submit in the Upper School office by p. Questions regarding this program may be directed to Alicia Williams, awilliams tbcs.

    In addition, if students matriculate to NU on the nursing track, they would receive the 4 credits; however, they also will be required to take an additional chemistry class at NU in which they must earn a grade of B- or better.