The High Place

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The High Place Lyrics by Lashun Pace

From here you fork right to reach the altar area. The route is steep but not unduly exposed, so is manageable unless you suffer from severe vertigo even without a head for heights. From the altar area, descend the shelves of rock to a broad rim: about 50m down are regal views of the Royal Tombs.

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From this lofty vantage point you can watch the everyday dramas of camel handlers arguing with their mounts, young children moving goats from one patch of sparse vegetation to the next and Bedouin stallholders regaling the unsuspecting traveller. They each move beyond the languishing tombs of ordinary folk, far too mindful of the needs of the living to worry much about the forgotten hopes of the ancient dead.

From the obelisks it's possible to continue to the city centre via a group of interesting tombs in beautiful Wadi Farasa. Image by Ramillah Shutterstock. In total, about one-third of their sample reported the urge.

The High Place

People with high anxiety sensitivity were more likely to have experienced the phenomenon. People with high anxiety sensitivity were also more likely to have higher ideation, and people with higher ideation were more likely to report the phenomenon. Interestingly, though, just over 50 percent of people who felt the urge had never had suicidal tendencies.

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Having higher anxiety sensitivity also increased the possibility someone with low ideation would report the phenomenon. Hames and her colleagues hazarded an educated guess.


Maybe in these sensitive non-ideators there was a mix-up between the unconscious and conscious aspects of their mind, a sort of cognitive dissonance. Someone like that could be walking near the edge of a roof when, for whatever reason, a reflex to step back kicks in and they jolt away. Though they may have not been in any danger of falling, their instinctual mind thought they were.

Unfortunately, neither Hames nor anyone else seems to have conducted further research on the phenomenon and its origins.