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That vision doesn't factor in missed flights, lost bags, or medical mishaps. Happily, you can buy peace of mind in the form of cruise travel insurance, which industry experts say is nearly always a smart bet—and a small price to pay for the protection it provides. In this primer on travel insurance for cruises, we break down everything you need to know so you can pick up a policy with ease—and then get back to your lounge on the lido deck. Page agrees. Also of note: Be sure to inquire about preexisting conditions exemptions, if applicable, before purchasing any policy.

Orlando -based travel agent Kelley Lord is an avid cruiser, with nearly 40 cruises under her belt—and she has taken out a policy for every one of them. There was no way we could make the trip. While the line would almost certainly pay out a refund for the cruise in the latter scenario, other prepaid expenses not purchased through the cruise line directly, such as flights or hotel nights, would be on your dime without a qualifying policy in place.

While cruise lines usually offer their own insurance policies, experts advise looking instead to an independent, third-party insurer. This could mean needing to pay out-of-pocket to start.

In addition, cruise line insurance can be more limited than you might expect. You can pick up a policy from your travel agent directly through a reputed individual insurance provider like AIG Travel Guard or Allianz , or via an insurance comparison site that lets you compare plans from various insurers like Squaremouth or InsureMyTrip. The cost of a policy is calculated as a percentage of your overall vacation expenses—generally anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of your total prepaid, nonrefundable trip cost, according to data provided by Squaremouth.

Note that weather is not covered unless it results in the cancellation of or significant interruption to the cruise. It will cost more, and usually does not reimburse the entire trip fare—caps are typically limited to up to 75 percent of the total trip cost, Hummer says. Hummer notes that coverage for preexisting medical conditions is sometimes available at no additional cost from independent insurers—but only if you purchase that policy within 14 to 30 days of your first trip payment. And while we are on the subject of cruising perhaps you might like to know just how to book your first cruise and Conde Nast has some ideas on that.

We're glad they also thnk that using a travel counselor will make your life easier when booking your first cruise. July 9, Interested in taking a cruise, but never been on one? Here's what you should know. With this in mind, how can first-timers book a cruise without going wrong? What is the best cruise destination for a first-timer? First, know that you have two major types of cruise available: ocean or river. Ocean cruises are the most common, and tend to have larger ships and cover more ground.

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River cruises, by contrast, must have smaller ships because they navigate more narrow waterways, and thus will carry fewer passengers. If, however, you're traveling with a group or want a variety in where and what to eat, or what to do, an ocean cruise is definitely the way to go. Ultimately, we say to opt for the Caribbean for your first cruising experience. How long is best for a first-time trip? Five days to a week is the sweet spot for most first-time travelers, which will offer at least three ports to explore. Inevitably, a slew of sixty-somethings on a three-week trip can dampen the vibe for younger cruisers.

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How do you book? Cruise lines offer direct booking on their websites, but seasoned cruisers usually rely on a travel agent. How do you pick a room?

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What are sea days? Should I avoid them? Transits, when the ship is en route between ports, are known as sea days; passengers, obviously, are confined on board. Many newbies fret about wasting time at sea rather than exploring, but Tom Baker recommends always including at least two sea days in any itinerary. What about shore excursions? For a first-time cruiser, these can be confusing. Basically, your cruise will offer a wealth of activities you can sign up for, sometimes at an additional cost, when you're in port.

They'll range in activity level and focus from cultural to food-centric, say , and reflect your destination think glass-bottomed boat tours in Grand Cayman and an afternoon of wine tasting in Tuscany. Details on available shore excursions often aren't added to an itinerary until six months or so before sail date, so check back regularly, and snap up a place on any that jump out at you—popular options can reach capacity long before your trip starts.

What are some recommended ports?

For killer beaches and a welcoming local vibe, Barbados is a must-see. The Norwegian Bliss, a larger ship that makes regular trips to the Caribbean. Courtesy Norwegian. With kids or teens, plan for the ship to be as much of a draw as any destination. It has adrenaline-rushing attractions like a skydiving simulator and a multi-deck slide called The Ultimate Abyss. What about young couples, or honeymooners?

What about empty nesters? And for those of us in the back of the bus also known as coach or economy it's nice to know that perks are coming back. Conde NAst rports ther ei shope for us. August 28, Is economy's race to the bottom finally over? For the last decade, airlines have seemingly slashed every benefit that economy-class flyers once took for granted: free checked bags, seat assignments, gratis headphones.

In some cases, even water or snacks have been jettisoned faster than excess fuel. Those aren't the only positive changes coming to an economy cabin near you.

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With increasing competition, airlines in the U. Even if some of the changes are slight adjustments, it seems economy class might be changing for the better. Delta, for one, says this trend is crucial to the bottom line. Take seating, for example. No longer are airlines automatically shaving economy pitch to knee-jamming levels.

Lufthansa introduced a new economy cabin in May, slimming down backrests to help with legroom. Looking ahead, though, designers are working to reimagine the seat itself.

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His team is currently finessing a fixed-back shell seat that will not impinge on the passenger behind, even as it reclines. But Park is particularly excited about another, rather unlikely long-term collaboration with Formula 1 firm, Williams. Subtle tweaks like this are also under way overhead, in the baggage compartments. PriestmanGoode, another airline interiors specialist also based in London, worked on an interior for the recently launched E2 Embraer, operated by airlines like SkyWest and KLM.

Traditional configurations only allowed around 40 percent of passengers to store bags in the bin. By re-engineering the cabin and rerouting cables related to lighting and air vents so that the controls could be moved from the ceiling above each seat, the PriestmanGoode team carved out enough bonus space to double the overhead capacity. The firm says that adding several water fountains throughout economy, where fliers can refill reusable bottles, will save on average around 3, plastic bottles per flight. Look for this mid-way cabin—also known as Premium Select and Premium Plus stateside—to appear in all new aircraft and slowly be retrofitted across entire fleets.


Having trouble viewing the graphics? Go here. Gaze upon sand beaches and turquoise waters in Honduras and Jamaica. Marvel at the workings of the Panama Canal. And admire the stunning architecture of Santiago de Cuba. Get up close and personal with the cities and cultures of Scandinavia on a trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun. Or journey to the far-flung isles of the Southern Caribbean on an exotic island-hopping itinerary. Whether you want a cool new adventure, or just want to cool off, this is the ship that can take you there.

Newly designed staterooms, game-changing technology, groundbreaking venues and the best dining ever are just the start of what you'll find onboard. By taking a quantum leap forward with the second ship in our Quantum class, we're holding ourselves up to the promise of building ships that take you to new heights. Southern Caribbean Voyager.

From her nearly balconies to the breathtaking three-story Atrium, you'll discover a relaxing atmosphere filled with an array of world class entertainment and dining options that will greet you each day when you return from making fascinating discoveries ashore.