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I have learned that its not my job to fix anybody but it is my job to give them the tools to fix themselves if they want to. Ok done venting thank you sir. Thanks Walt. I enjoyed your comment too much.

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Thanks for some cool acronyms and clarifications. The difference is taking responsibility. When you turn attention to your own behaviors, venting becomes worthwhile, maybe noble. Hi Dan, thanks for this excellent post! An energy exchange is an excellent way to look at personal interactions and other larger corporate matters, too. It might even make those tough conversations that we never want to have easier and more productive. Great post!


What sucks the life out of me at work? I would have to agree it stems people. I think positivity and having support fuels each myself and others. I try to bring positivity to my workspace every day. It goes by faster in my opinion and keeps me out of the drama.

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This one really resonated with me. I am trying to find out ways in which my energy can be conserved for more important tasks and sustaining my energy levels throughout the day. One in my belief involves the people or environment you work around in, if there are known individuals that take away that energy, try to figure out ways in which you can avoid that issue altogether.

The nay sayers, politics and all common things in the workplace can really bog down energy. It takes a culture as a group to go beyond that. Usually a lot of the lingering things that go on have a deeper reason to it. It would be good to reflect on the organizations norms to understand why things are the way they are. Thanks, Dan for this inspiring message.

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I noticed that sometimes, I have negative people around me, and they really suck my energy? How do I deal with negative people in my workplace? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The Vampire Quadrants - One by Kisha Fowler

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Kim Derderian on February 22, at pm said:. SterlingTulane on February 22, at pm said:. Toneey on February 24, at am said:. L Ries on March 2, at pm said:. Join the conversation: Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Using the Earth galactic coordinates as the basis of the demarcation line. Both Empires were allowed to keep all existing outposts and colonies in each others territories. They were rewarded for their loyalty in BC, by Emperor Ta'vel granting the Vampires limited autonomy with creation the Vampire Council.

The Council of Nine, would control Vampire affairs on Earth for the next 6, years. In BC, the Earth's climate becomes too warm to support Velorum colonies in Western Europe's Ancient Doggerland - causing the Weichselian glaciation to recede and the North Sea levels to rise flooding the colonies. The Velorum a militaristic alien race - genetically engineered to fight and live in extreme cold environments, board their colony ships, leaving Earth for their space colonies in the Nyx system and the Tregaror system also known as the Tartarus system.

The First Ones would soon view their Dhampir children as rivals to their power on Earth - these events would soon lead to series of sector and regional wars involving the First Ones:. All Rights Reserved. Average lifespan: 8, years.