Three Loves of Adam and Eva

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How happy Adam was now!

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And think how happy Eve must have been to be put in such a beautiful garden to live! Now they could have children and live together in happiness. Jehovah wanted Adam and Eve to live forever. He wanted them to make the whole earth as pretty as the garden of Eden. How happy Adam and Eve must have been when they thought about doing this! Would you have liked to share in making the earth a pretty garden? But the happiness of Adam and Eve did not last. Psalm ; Genesis ; Study Questions. Skip to content Skip to table of contents.

Adam and Eve Bible Story Summary

On the other hand, Jesus too died for His bride; but He is also the source of eternal life. Her need is to be loved —that translates to being secure. This little passage tells us how God the Father and His Son see us. We are perfect, blameless, spotless, and without blemish. Nothing more. First she has to be comfortable in her relationship. Only then will she begin to show her respect for him. When we recognize our natural tendency is to live by good and evil right and wrong , and we learn that He is indeed worthy of our trust, we will grow more secure in our relationship with God. That leads to more and more trust —faith in Him —respect of Him —love for Him.

But it began with His love for us. When Abel made his offering to God, it was the life of one of his flock. And when Cain made his offering, it was some produce from his field. Do you see the problem? Abel presented the same kind of sacrifice that God Himself made in order to delay death from taking Adam and Eve.

1. The Honeymoon Is Over - The Story of Adam and Eve

On another, yet similar topic, have you asked yourself what was so bad about the fig tree that Jesus cursed it Mark chapter eleven? Its leaves are what that first couple used to cover themselves with when they saw their condition. It represents self-righteousness —anything we do to improve ourselves before God.

And He was the Lamb of God —the only One that could provide true righteousness. One more thing. The names of those first garden-inhabitants tell even more of the story. Her name implies that she can only be an imitation of him —just as we all are mere imitators aspirants of the One we were taken from. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth? This is the one on whom seed was sown beside the road.

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How then does it have tares? He who loves his own wife loves himself; 29 for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church, 30 because we are members of His body. Eve takes a bite; he follows suit. When they are expelled from the garden, Adam chooses to be with Eve rather than God. It is Adam, not God, who gives Eve her name, which means "the mother of all living. Adam initiates lovemaking. Eve produces the children.

In many contemporary cases, roles are divvied based on time, skills, temperament and availability. That's evident in the Adam and Eve story, he says, "and that's what is electrifying about it.


Are there gender differences? During his research, the New York-based author came across several intriguing studies. The first one analyzed the distinct strategies employed by moms and dads to teach a reluctant child to swim. Women typically stand between the pool and the tot, beckoning, cajoling, reassuring and promising to help. By contrast, men often position themselves behind their children, ready to push, if need be. The moms are more comforting, he says, the dads more "rambunctious. Another parental study focused on language. Because moms tend to spend more time with their children, they are aware of the words their toddlers know and repeat them back to communicate in a familiar way.

Dads don't know the particulars of their kids' vocabulary as well so they include more unfamiliar sayings when conversing with the youngsters. Researchers concluded that mothers talk more effectively with their children, while fathers stimulate more language. To hear the Bible tell it, deity includes male and female. They meet in the first act.

The Story of Adam And Eve From The Bible

All the drama with the fruit is in the second act. God tells them not to eat.

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They disobey and are cast out. The third act "is the most interesting," he says. Later, when Cain slays Abel, the parents are horrified, but they do not attack each other or cite bad parenting as the cause. Plus, they forgive each other, another essential element.