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A lot of it makes me cringe now, but it was a case of distilling a place and time into prose form, and it is what it is. And I still think that the central theme — that we walk around with our eyes closed most of the time, distracted by fripperies — still holds true. SO:You wrote in about allowing the opportunity for quality independent writing to rise to the top in the way of independent music and films.

In the last seven years, have we seen your hopeful speculation come closer to reality?

Which do you think is more likely to aid the cause: more time or different circumstances? The whole indie and self-publishing movement has progressed a lot since But it takes time and money to make a movie, even a short film. You can, theoretically, rattle a novel off in four weeks and self-publish on Kindle at zero cost. A Sundance for books is a wonderful idea; a physical festival where indie publishers and self-published authors could do readings, panels, give out samples… it could be a great shop-window.

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The independent scene, though, in any medium, is vital. When mainstream purveyors of culture are less and less prone to taking risks, the indie scene is where the real pioneering work takes place, and inevitably when something does rise above the rest it gets noticed and eventually appropriated by the mainstream, allowing new sub-genres and movements to flourish on a bigger stage. What do you think?

Whether cosy or bleak, why or how or for what purpose does peri-apocalyptic fiction thrive? DB: Can I go on the record to say I hate post-apocalyptic fiction? And as much as I want to believe that human decency will win out over savagery, I increasingly believe that given the opportunity, we as a species would happily slaughter each other for the last can of Coke. Would be nice if world leaders would read more of it. How much do you think genre reflects the topics with which society at large is struggling?

DB: I think genre — whether books, comics, film or whatever — has to shine a light on our modern society for it to be at its most interesting. But you refrained from speculating just who among your own spec fic colleagues will go on to build stellar, lifetime-achievement-type careers. Break free now: who do you think will be named Grand Master in ?

DB: Me. Kameron Hurley. I had the honor of delivering the closing keynote, after a roster of astounding speakers. On March 19, Tor Books will release my next book, Radicalized, whose four novellas are the angry, hopeful stories I wrote as part of my attempt to make sense of life in our current moment.

How we Abandon Our Freedom & Make Ourselves Prisoners

As with my novel Walkaway and the reissues of my adult backlist, Radicalized will have a cover by the amazing I cite the example of Uber and Lyft, which Lisa Rein recorded the An annual tradition MP3! Poesy is now 10 — nearly 11! When I was in Berlin last month, I stopped into the offices of Netzpolitik previously , the outstanding German digital rights activist group, where I recorded an interview for their podcast MP3 , talking about science fiction, utopianism, dystopianism, how we can change the world, and why my kid has so many names.

A Tor.Com Original

My latest Locus Magazine column is What the Internet Is For: it describes the revolutionary principle end-to-end communications and technologies general purpose computers, strong cryptography that undergird the net, but also cautions that these are, themselves, not sufficient to revolutionize the world.

All these tools are available to establishments just as much as they are Hope to see you there! Tell your friends! Entry is free — I hope to see you there! Admission is free! Hey you! Grant Burningham interviewed me for his Bots and Ballots podcast MP3 , covering a bunch of extremely timely tech-politics issues: Facebook and the impact of commercial surveillance on democratic elections; Alex Jones, censorship and market concentration; and monopolism and the future of the internet.

As you might imagine, Sean had some sophisticated — The techlash The commercial surveillance industry may not be very good Surveillance capitalism sucks: it improves the scattershot, low-performance success-rate of untargeted advertising well below 1 percent and doubles or triples it to well below 1 percent! But surveillance captialism is still dangerous: all those dossiers on the personal lives of whole populations can be used for blackmail, identity theft and political manipulation. As I explain I recorded a great interview MP3 about my novel Walkaway and how it fits into radical politics; a free, fair and open internet; the Nym Wars, parenting, and insurgency.

Today marks the release of the paperback of Walkaway, along with reissues of my five other adult novels, all in matching covers designed by the incredible Will Stahle and if ebooks are your thing, check out my fair-trade ebook store, where you can get all my audiobooks and ebooks sold on the same terms as What if you just said when you breach, the damages that you owe to the people whose data you breached cannot be limited to the immediate cognizable consequences of that one breach but instead From there, I head to Chicago to keynote Thotcon on Friday at 11am.

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I hope to see you! The Flyleaf event is at 6PM, not 7!

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  • Abstract: For decades, In an essay for Tor. Also: they had the interview The Locus Recommended Reading List is a great place to start Mary Kraus teaches my novel Little Brother to health science interns learning about cybersecurity; to help a student who has a print disability, Mary created a key that maps the MP3 files in the audiobook to the Tor paperback edition.

    She was kind enough to make her doc public to help other people move easily If you were a voting member of the World Science Fiction Convention in , or are registered as a voting member for the upcoming conventions in or , you are eligible to nominate for the Hugo Awards; the Locus List is a great way to jog your memory about your favorite works from last The Rift, The talk is Three Takeaways 1.

    I recorded this interview last summer at San Diego Comic-Con; glad to hear it finally live! Moreover, the kind folks at Although the Net is the nervous system of CNet has started a new book-club podcast, and they honored me by picking my novel Walkaway as their second-ever title.

    Series: Gideon Smith

    We had a long and far-ranging discussion last week about the book and the themes it raises: disasters, economics, technological immortality, community, trolling, bohemianism, and much more MP3. On Monday, the World Wide Web Consortium published EME, a standard for locking up video on the web with DRM, allowing large corporate members to proceed without taking any steps to protect accessibility work, security research, archiving or innovation.

    I spent years working to get people to pay attention to the ramifications of the effort, My sincere thanks to all the voters who supported the novel! By the way, Tor. Today, Tor. So, what does it mean when Walkaway is my first novel for adults since and I had extremely high hopes and not a little anxiety for it as it entered the world, back in April. Hope to see you! Of all the press-stops I did on my tour for my novel Walkaway, I was most excited about my discussion with Katherine Mangu-Ward, editor-in-chief of Reason Magazine, where I knew I would have a challenging and meaty conversation with someone who was fully conversant with the political, technological and social questions the book raised.

    But governments The library has just posted the audio! It was quite an evening. This is the best Cory Doctorow book ever. The CBC asked me to write an editorial for their package about Canadian identity and politics, timed with the th anniversary of the founding of the settler state on indigenous lands.

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    • We were promised flying cars and we got Twitter instead. But some writers did imagine the telecommunications that changed My local, fantastic indie bookstore, Dark Delicacies, has a good supply of My latest Guardian column is Technology is making the world more unequal. Only technology can fix this; in it, I argue that surveillance and control technology allow ruling elites to hold onto power despite the destabilizing effects of their bad decisions — but that technology also allows people to form dissident groups and protect them Last month, I dropped into the Cards Against Humanity studios where the podcast is recorded while in Chicago on my book tour, where I sat In a meaty interview with Reason Magazine, I discuss the politics and economics, and theories of human action with Reason magazine Editor in Chief Katherine Mangu-Ward.

      And so can You both spoke about immorality being used as a MacGuffin in the Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Two weeks ago, the excellent Crooked Timbre groupblog kicked off a symposium on my novel Walkaway, inviting ten scholars, practitioners, activists and thinkers to weigh in on the novel with thoughtful, sometimes sharply critical essays. Since the earliest days of my novel-writing career, readers have written to me to thank me for my books and to ask how they can best support me and other writers whose work they enjoy.

      Nearly 15 years later, I have a pretty comprehensive answer for them! In my science fiction novel Walkaway, I see an optimistic escape from the looming surveillance disaster The National Endowment for the Arts podcast recorded a great, wide-ranging interview with me MP3 about my novel Walkaway and a variety of subjects, from copyright reform to arts funding to the future of the arts and technology.

      These stories only work if you suspend your disbelief about There are It was directed by Gabrielle My novel Walkaway came out today and I sat down yesterday with the Author Stories Podcast to talk about writing, publishing, and, of course, the novel. My latest novel, Walkaway, was published today, and the Crooked Timber block has honored me with a seminar on the book, where luminaries from Henry Farrell to Julia Powles to John Holbo to Astra Taylor to Bruce Schneier weigh in with a series of critical essays that will run in the weeks to come, closing Thank you Jonathan!

      When I was a kid, facts were hard to come by. The answer The issue is a complicated and eye-glazingly technical one, and they do a genuinely Do we Tickets are Kirby Ferguson, who created the remarkable Everything is a Remix series, has a new podcast hosted by the Recreate Coalition called Copy This and he hosted me on the debut episode MP3 where we talked about copying, creativity, artists, and the future of the internet as you might expect! Are you one of the many I released an audio edition of the book in , read by the incomparable Wil Wheaton, who also read The story, Car Wars, takes the form of a series of vignettes that illustrate the problem with designing cars to control their In , lawyer and eminent Sherlockian Les Klinger comprehensively won the legal battle to establish that Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain and available for anyone to use, abuse, alter, celebrate or mock; now with a new anthology of completely unauthorized Sherlock tales, Echoes of Sherlock Holmes, Klinger and co-editor Laurie R.

      King have A couple things changed in the last decade. The first is that the kinds of technologies They will have their houses stolen from under them by identity thieves who forge In this episode of the Hardware podcast, we talk with writer and digital rights activist Cory Doctorow.

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      My short story Scroogled has been reprinted on Lithub, as part of the promotion for Watchlist: 32 Stories by Persons of Interest, a forthcoming anthology about surveillance with stories by Etgar Keret, T. Since , authoritarians in the South Korean government have been attempting to pass mass surveillance legislation, and they have seized upon the latest North Korean saber-rattling as the perfect excuse for ramming it through the SK Parliament.

      Members of the opposition Minjoo Party have vowed to block the legislation by staging the first Korean parliamentary The thing all these issues HOPE is in the pantheon of great information security, electronic privacy and I got quite a treat yesterday afternoon when my email and Twitter filled up with people letting me know that I was mentioned in a Jeopardy!

      Presumably, there was a fifth Late last year, the Computer Science Club at the University of Waterloo a university I am proud to have dropped out of! My new Locus Magazine column, Wicked Problems: Resilience Through Sensing, proposes a solution the urgent problem we have today of people doing bad stuff with computers. In my latest Guardian column, The problem with self-driving cars: who controls the code?

      Paul and I talked about London, UK politics, class war, education, and books. The cadet had good reasons to want to join the NSA: they were justly concerned about the Internet Just show up at the Hotel Intercontinental on Budapester Strasse and A number That said, most of the essay focuses on academic and scientific authors, who may be institutionally bound to publish under open access, or Weirdly, it worked.

      Derek Bruff teaches a first-year college writing seminar in mathematics, an unusual kind of course that covers a lot of ground, and uses a novel as some of its instructional material — specifically, my novel Little Brother. It hits shelves today, featuring an essay I wrote specifically for this edition, tying together Korean politics — especially surveillance and censorship — with global mass-surveillance and the themes in the book. Come say hi! Data breaches are winning the privacy wars, so what should privacy advocates do? My latest Guardian column, How to save online advertising, looks at the writing on the wall for ad-blockers and ad-supported publishing, and suggests one way to keep ads viable.

      The mistrust between advertisers and publishers has given rise to a fourth entity in this ecosystem: ad counters. These are companies that generously offer to independently My biggest and, IMO, best adult novel has just sold to Tor for a very pleasing sum of money; it will hit shelves in Join artists, cryptographers, critical theorists, architects, designers, The rights to the Orwellian-themed novel were picked up by Angry Films in , with Don Murphy now bringing the property to Paramount The audio was provided Frank Catalano, who also conducted the interview.

      July 25, at 7 p. Cory Doctorow in My July Locus column, Skynet Ascendant, suggests that the enduring popularity of images of homicidal, humanity-hating AIs has more to do with our present-day politics than computer science. As a class, science fiction writers imagine some huge slice of all possible futures, and then readers and publishers select from among these futures based on In my new Guardian column, I point out that the big-data-driven surveillance business model is on the rocks. While Big Data initially generated some promising sell-through results, these days, companies like Facebook are Your gesture-driven, voice-controlled future is MP3 link.

      I have been among the Internet Utopians for most of my life. I read Barlow, dropped out of university, and became a The collection is read by Paul Michael Garcia, who also read Content. I agree with the writers who say that the app Blackstone has adapted my urban fantasy novel Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town for audiobook, narrated by Bronson Pinchot, who does a stunning job.